Short & Secure your links
Forget bots & earn money
How it works?

How it works?

It's simple as that! You'll like it as visitor, advertiser or publisher, for sure!


Visitor who click on our shortner link have to pass a verification captcha. After this he will be redirected by the target link. You will see some ads or maybe get a pop-up. Don't be mad... The link you'll see is probably interesting to get protected by our shortner!


Visitor will pass a captcha and bring to your ads. You can choose popup or banner. You'll charge only for real visitor. Visitor will see you ads for a minimum of 20 seconds at least. If it doesnt, you won't be charged.


You can shorter links with an API script, with a JS script or manually, he is bring on your shortner and will be redirected to your desired link after the verification. The captcha/antibot can be set with more or less complexity. You can get paid for ALL or UNIQUE views. Your choice.


For the publisher

Secure your links

Bots can't pass it!
It will short your link tought.

Crypto payout

Get paid in Bitcoin, Litecoin or another crypto-currency!
We can pay into a FaucetHub account too.

Real stats & Settings

Get stats of your trafic, real user/bot/etc.
You can set antibot level & your earnings level!

For the advertiser

Chepeast way to get trafic

Start at 0.0001$ per visit!
Amazing isn't it!? Try it!

Low minimal amount

Don't pay too much... Try it for only 1$!

Pay with crypto-currency

We accept all coins!

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